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Want to Invest in China – Book Review on a Bull in China

China has experienced explosive growth over the last three decades and it is ranging in the neighborhood of 10% year over year, and it just keeps going, even during the global economic recession, China is breaking speed records for growth. If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the market in China and perhaps, invest a little to increase your nest egg, then boy can I recommend a very good book to you. The book is called;

“A Bull in China,” by Jim Rogers, Random House, New York, NY; 2006; ISBN: 978-1-4000-6616-2

The author gives information on the then and now, as in 30-years forward with a good couple chapters of culture, attitudes, and the people of China. He explains the leadership, government, and all the potential sectors to consider. Industries such as:

  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Auto
  • Tourism
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

This book mentions names of companies, the types of shares you should consider, and information about the exchanges and stock markets. It explains what those companies do, and why they are good picks for stocks, or large scale investment.

You see, Jim Rogers rode his motorcycle across China looking for potential investment, later drove a customized Mercedes, he knows China like no other investment banker in the World. Mr. Rogers is well known in the industry and this book is written in a “straight-up” format.

Another good book on a similar topic is called; “Investment Biker” also by Jim Rogers and it’s sitting on my desk and next up to read, and although I have not read it yet, I recommend it, because this book is so good and I know there is more to learn on the topic of investing in China. Please consider all this.

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China’s Future in the World – Book Review

Many of those who study world affairs, international politics, and perhaps, read Foreign Affairs magazine each month; they understand that the biggest new development and for the next two decades will be the rapid economic growth of China. The United States has been fueling the Chinese build-up as their GDP has hit the number three spot in the world and slightly slipped back to number four, although it will soon pass both Japan and Germany in GDP.

Most of those looking at all this wonder how long it will take for China to become the second Super Power along side of the US. These folks are obviously concerned with China’s international behavior. So, for those folks, I’d sure like to recommend a very good book to you;

Of course, China’s military is only one topic, and one that was barely discussed in this book, as this book focuses on the needs of the that nation, the alliances it is making, and the trading partners it is bringing on-board. I’d recommend this work for anyone whose serious about studying the future of China.

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