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A Bull in China – Book Review

The world’s demand for quality, low-cost products has led most of the world’s manufacturing sector to set up shop in China. Its history abounds with the philosophy of earning a good life through hard work. Success for them starts with strong family values. Family planning is enforced by law, and their courteous morning greeting “Have you eaten today?” is quickly becoming a recent memory.

Being the world’s manufacturer, their wealth as a nation is outpacing most in the region. The rising middle class families can afford the “finer things in life,” and will perhaps become the largest middle class ever.

As for the investor reading this book, Jim reviews a laundry list of industries and summarizes top performing companies in each. A brief history of China’s stock exchange sheds light on the progress of openness companies must embrace to entice investors. Considering listed companies that include toll highways and airports, openness for some is simply unavoidable.

These changes are good for investors to make informed decisions. With a growing influx of foreign investment funds, politics in China will no doubt shift towards more openness. Your willingness to invest in China will be a major factor in that country’s direction of economic reform. Either way, Jim thinks there has never been a better time to invest.